Unique visionary campsite

We have done our best to make the luxury campsite accessible to everyone who, just like us, loves smoke-free, peace, space and a view. The choice of an exclusive campsite was made by this desire. The architectural design with its spacious special places for the camper is a feast for the eyes. The elements Water, Fire, Earth and Air are included in the whole.

It is not just any campsite, it is a campsite that has its own story, a story that makes you wonder about the magic of life.

Coming to our campsite in the Achterhoek with a tent is inextricably linked to cyclists, hikers, canoeists, swimmers and many more luxury seekers. Many people have already found this unique place on the river Berkel. Especially people passing through who want to relax for a night and enjoy the beautiful view. Also people who want to enjoy the peace and modern facilities for a longer period of time.

From this exclusive campsite:

  • There are many different walking and cycling paths with shorter, longer and even longer walking and / or cycling tours through the woods and the bocage landscape of the Achterhoek.
  • You have the tourist towns of Vorden, Lochem and Zutphen that are within walking distance for the advanced walker.
  • Walk and cycle your beautiful routes through the quiet Achterhoek.
  • You have a resting place during your sporty canoe trip from Billerbeck in Germany to the IJssel near the authentic town of Zutphen.
  • People are already going suppend over the river Berkel next to us.
  • Do not forget the Besselink weir, where fishermen can enjoy the variety of fish that swim along here.

With the heated special sanitary building and the possibility of a stay in the sauna, you can continue your journey in good spirits. You can also prepare your food in the professional outdoor kitchen. In bad weather you can use our cozy lounge to drink a cup of coffee or to relax.

We would like to welcome you in the new season for a well deserved stay.

At our new luxury campsite in the Achterhoek we have beautiful and varied pitches for a caravan. There is plenty of sun in all places and there is also shade in some places. Every spot has a beautiful view over the bocage landscape of the Achterhoek or the river Berkel.

Waking up in the morning for a swim or casting a fishing rod in the river Berkel, that’s what makes it special here. This small-scale luxury campsite has a unique location and the site designed architecture is ideally suited to experience an exclusive experience.

Often family and friends are invited to get acquainted with this beautiful place. The guests are proud to be able to stay here and talk about the beautiful view and the breathtaking sunrise and sunset.

We have made eight spots available as seasonal spots, so that you can get to know the surroundings of Almen, Zutphen, Lochem and Vorden even better. The lounge to relax in bad weather, the activities to be inspired and the sunny cozy terrace also provide plenty of opportunities to get the most out of your stay.

From our campsite in the Achterhoek you can cycle and walk to Lochem, Zutphen and Vorden. Gorssel and Ruurlo are also within cycling distance. If you also want to discover the interesting cities of Deventer, Apeldoorn, Arnhem, Zwolle, Hengelo and Enschede, then you can do that by car. The beautiful Bad Bentheim in Germany just across the border is also worth a day trip.

With the camper on the road to a campsite in the Achterhoek is increasingly popular. Simply put in your car and bed and then discover Almen, Zutphen, Vorden and Lochem by bike or on foot. We have beautiful spacious places especially for campers, paved with grass stones. These are places in the middle of the rolling landscape of the Achterhoek. Our unique non-smoking campsite is located on the swirling Berkel River, which invites you to take a fresh morning dip. What we pay attention to is the preservation of the beautiful view to enhance the experience of space. Our exclusive location is a fantastic base for cycling to the cities of Lochem, Zutphen and Vorden with all the special features that these beautiful places have to offer. Gorssel with Museum MORE and Ruurlo with its special love path also make this luxury campsite in Almen a popular place to start. When you return to the campsite, you can enjoy the infrared or Finnish sauna and use the luxurious sanitary building. If you would like to barbecue, you can do so in our professional outdoor kitchen. Tasty coffee with home-made pastries or a delicious hearty toasted sandwich are also possible on our sunny terrace in the Achterhoek.

Be surprised by the location of the unique Camping Domein Groot Besselink in the Achterhoek.

Outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchen can be rented by camping guests.

Sauna with sauna lawn

Can be booked against payment, for a maximum of 6 people.