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Can I also book a quiet holiday at Aquarian Lighthouse?

Yes that is possible. You have the possibility to stay in a tent, caravan, camper, villa, eco-home and studio. The surroundings are very quiet, in that sense a physically quiet holiday is guaranteed. If you also want to learn how silence can work through in your head and body, you are welcome to participate in our activities. All our activities are aimed at developing awareness and awakening IN yourself and igniting your inner desire so that you create a path and at the same time walk that will enrich your life. The destiny of your Life and Life as a whole becomes clear and perceptible. We do not give an already-made concept. Everything is in accordance with your inner and outer consciousness, how far you want and can go. To what extent do you dare to be honest and sincere. All this is a growth process in which you can start to feel safe step by step. That way you get to know Silence.

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