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Can I make a promise/offer a solution to people?

I don’t know if you, if I can promise people something or offer a solution.

I know there is a promise. A promise for us as humans. That promise is closely related to your own wish, the promise you made to give something of yourself before you received Life on earth. Very simply if you make your promise alive, the promise will develop for all of humanity.

An example are the revelations from the Bible. If you read them with an awareness of what the end of the world sees in them, you participate in them. If you literally see and experience the revelations as the revelations of liberation and creation of HOPE, you will participate. Every detail holds a promise that is tremendously loving and hopeful. Especially when we begin to express it as humanity. Herein is the answer to the solution.

Give of your Self step by step and that is what you are becoming, ONE with the entirety of Life.

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