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How does Geometry work, what does it serve in the Aquarian age?

I’m not someone who knows geometry in mathematical or scientific terms. By gaining insight into my own functioning as a human being, humanity and universe, geometry becomes an experience. From there I give an answer.

Geometry ensures “lines” to be plotted in which motion can occur. We as human beings can control or interpret these ‘lines’. We do that anyway whether we want to or not. As a result, we determine for ourselves whether we are creating order or chaos. We are not yet fully aware of the control or formation of life. The universe has an ordered geometry that penetrates man through the constellation Aquarius at the moment. Aquarius details enter matter through the sun. It is up to us to start materializing those details. The more we know the order of the whole in the geometry of the earth, the more we are able to materialize order here. What we express as order is incorporated into geometry so that humanity can begin to multiply itself through the geometric order in the universe. This is how we thrive with the whole cosmic alignment/ geometry. We are increasingly fulfilling the geometry of the Aquarius constellation. By materializing the details of Aquarius, we become more than we were. In that sense, we are literally fulfilling the geometry given by the cosmic motion.

We IN order, Universe IN order and therefore together as a whole in motion.

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