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I wonder how you can live in freedom in the Aquarian era. Can you explain that?

Do you want to live in freedom? You will probably say yes right away. Then the question is why don’t you do it? The fact that you ask for it already means that you realize that you are not free. Even if you are a resident of the Netherlands where people are supposedly free. Indeed, that does not mean that we are also Free. How can you experience that you are free in this era. First of all, this is a growth process. It is neither possible nor desirable for our body structures to be suddenly free from one moment to the next. Free from all experiences that we have come to believe in physically and mentally. The desire for freedom is one of the impulses of the Aquarius constellation, but what is freedom? The impulse may be transformed into truly free Life. What we often do now is fight or paralyze our freedom, neither of which gives room for inner freedom. The impulse of freedom is strong, but we try to shape it with our consciousness. This consciousness is often still related to the consciousness we built in the previous era, the Piscean Age. As a result of which we convert the impulse to freedom into non-free actions that also cause pain. You can live freely in Aquarius, when your knowing within (the impulse) and the execution (consciousness) outwards are equal to each other. Then you create order and harmony which is necessary for the growth and development of the whole. It is precisely in the whole of Order that you experience the freedom/safety to express your wishes and detail. Enough?

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