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“Insight and” Equal “Value in Yourself and the World. What do you mean by equal value?

Equal value what do I mean by that?

In any case, it is not that everyone has the same amount of euros or that everyone has an ice cream. That does not give man any real value. Value is related to what you have to give in and to the world as a creative person. If everyone, every detail has that possibility, so that for everyone the circumstances are formed in such a way that it is possible to give his/her detail in the world, there is equal value.

We come here to do Justice to our detail. As you can see around you now, there are a lot of people who do not have that possibility or do not know that they have something what does justice to humanity. Somehow people feel this and there is a fight for who has the most rights. This is then the way or more the consciousness of the collective human being that causes it to be fought over. Unequal value is already present in this. There is also a lot of unequal value right now, both in people and in nature worldwide. Nature is a reflection of how humans behave. When we realize that everyone is of equal value, this also immediately affects nature. The insight of the human is of world importance in this.

Man’s fight for an equal or dignified existence is a sign that there is something living in people that they realize that something is not right. What’s wrong is that they cannot convey their value. The problem comes from the way we now want to fight for equal value. By definition, that makes us unequal again. But how?

Becoming aware is a very important step, a step and a step and a vital step to recognize and care for the equal value of each one. This does not only involve your head, your mental thinking or your emotional activities. Your whole body must work towards a body of equal value. Inside and outside you. Everything you have learned or think you know has little effect if it is not absorbed into your body as Science and can be expressed. Equal value starts in your own body, your own mass, matter. In your body you can immediately hear the judgments about yourself. It is very close! We learn as human beings to be equal in the movement with and as the Whole.

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