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There is Corona in the world. Does Corona also have to do with our consciousness?

You write about the importance of developing your consciousness. What does it want to show us?

YES. Our consciousness determines how we perceive things and also what we create. Also what we want to create. But again if we are not really aware of our own underlying rejections or fears then you don’t really know that you are creating or that you are choosing something. It is not about an individual, everything about consciousness is about the collective of human thought. And in the case of Corona, you see that all of humanity is touched by it. Nature is also affected by the spread of corona. People must fear for their lives while nature literally gets more air (proverbial) what is indeed happening in this? In our consciousness lives the feeling or fear that we are lacking, we are actually lacking when it comes to the fulfillment of our ‘mind’. What we now know is that eating a bat is the culprit. Which makes us eat meat at all or a bat in this case. We learn that it is good for us and necessary to be strong. But why do we have to be strong? Because over time we have shaped our bodies to eat more meat than a “more enlightened” body would tolerate. In other words, the elements of our body are heavier, our own natural body is heavier. Which makes us even less able to get to our ‘mind’ and then become even more afraid of shortage. We are also really short if you cannot get to your ‘mind’. If we live without ‘spirit’ we have lost it completely, so everyone has to save his life. This has happened collectively, per individual and per country. The details of countries have become enormously visible in this. The awareness that suits each country has also been enlarged. This is the average consciousness of a country. How a country or territory deals with the fear of contamination is inherent in the consciousness of that country. To what extent do people feel responsible and to what extent is it important that the government provides guidance here. This gives you an overall view of the whole of a country’s consciousness. How each individual moves in this separately, makes it more visible how someone uses his/her consciousness to be part of the whole. Do we respond from fear or do we rule our consciousness. If we rule over our consciousness, we can grow in it as a whole and you as a country are able to raise the collective consciousness. This is also the case for the world as a whole. What the corona has shown me is how each country has a certain consciousness for itself. And how it wishes to express or make a detail visible¬† within the world as a whole. The fact that the desire of a country becomes highly colored and visible in the world has to do with the collective consciousness. The desire or a detail of a country is often not very clear to distinguish, and an often unconscious action that causes more chaos than order. This is also true on a personal level. You feel that you have something to give in the world, but you wouldn’t know how. This is something that has caused chaos in the world as a whole. We are working hard to bring order to this, but that is not easy. Man is attached to the life he/she lives, even though he/she suffers. He is no longer aware of his more enlightened nature because of the fear of shortage. The fear of shortage has aggravated the body as I have written here before. It is like a grain of sand that can no longer open itself to the rain. The moment there is really enough water, the grain of sand dares to open again to receive rain and can come back to life. This is also the case with humans. We are increasingly closing ourselves off to the ‘spirit’ instead of continuing to open ourselves to what the ‘spirit’ has to give us within. You can actively associate with this yourself. Because of the corona we have been more dependent on ourselves and we are therefore more confronted with fears, desires, structures, blaming others, irritations, contemplation, anger, disappointment, self-reflection etc. etc. have learned through the reduced pressure from the outside world (not for everyone). Then we may have expanded our collective consciousness and this benefits our family, relatives, friends, country and our world. A growing consciousness gives room for ‘spirit’ to be creative and to bring order to the whole. The fact that nature got more rest has helped to learn to experience silence. Silence is often deafening and can be very confronting to your psyche. I can only hope that we collectively learn from the spread of a life-threatening virus. Not out of fear, but out of love for people and the preservation of nature and our human nature. Through consciousness development we are able to bring more enlightenment into our body. We must be able to take care of order and harmony in nature with a collectively growing consciousness. So that our body (our human nature) gets to know harmony and order and then recognizes what it needs and finds fulfillment in it. By finding fulfillment IN yourself you protect yourself and the whole from the persistent urge to go more outside of yourself, resulting in all the chaos.

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