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What can I expect or what can I learn from you?

What you can expect is that you can be who you think you are.

In practice, that means relaxing and seeing where you fit in or not. You decide for yourself what you want to join, what you do or don’t feel like doing. Whether you come with your partner, children, friends or family. You can join the lessons/activities in your own way or not.

What you can learn here is in line with what has been said above. Decide for yourself what does and does not apply to your development. How far do you want to go in yourself and get to know your fellow man? That’s something you learn, very directly in the choices you make. And especially with friends and family with you, those are small steps, but often also very difficult on (un)conscious layers. You learn step by step to bring change in your life and therefore in life as a whole.

This happens because of the constant movement we make to get to know ourselves more and more. As a result, we learn to go along with the movement of the whole of Life, so that what you as an individual have to give comes to light.

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