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What do the four elements mean in our lives?

Without elements there is no life as we know it today.

The elements we now know as the 4 main components of Life are Earth, Air, Water and Fire. In harmony, these elements can easily be eternally present. We as humans also consist entirely of these elements and create with them. This has full repercussions on how the elements behave outside of us. We are generally unaware that how we handle the air INSIDE us; that this directly affects the air outside us and vice versa. This is also a fact for the other elements. The fifth element is different in different cultures. I myself prefer Light as the fifth element. Light for me is the existence of you as a human being, a human being with a wish/detail that may be expressed, lived in the whole of Life. In this way you can express with the source of your light through the four elements the formation of your body and the body as a whole.

Your Light is the Light of the creator and thus fully united and connected with the oneness/source of Life. With the full knowledge of the oneness of Life you will create a whole.

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