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What do you mean by Order in the Age of Aquarius?

Every era has a slogan. The slogan for this era is All is ONE and one is ALL. Then you can ask yourself what does that mean and how do you create it. Let’s go back to the previous era where the slogan was: The father and I are ONE. In this age we could learn that we are ONE with the father, be it God, Jesus or Buddha. It is about understanding the unity of life in yourself. Building on that, we are now learning to shape the whole of life. Where ONE; ALL is. This is what we mean by: from me to we. The above mentioned is already an order in which the movement of the whole moves forward. All this to move with the expression of the universe. The more we move with humanity, the more loving it is for matter (our body and the planet). You move along by being IN order awake and understanding the order of the universe and thus propagating ORDER in your body and the body as a whole. You will understand order through the cooperation of the Sun, Moon, Venus and Earth, the directions North, East, South and West and the elements Earth, Fire, Water and Air. The order that is natural here is also the order that should be natural to our body. But unfortunately we have tried to adjust it to our own will instead of to the wishes of the whole. Now our bodies no longer feel as natural or comfortable. Also the directions and the elements don’t feel as comfortable or out of balance like humans. By internalizing the order of the whole we learn to express that ORDER. The Age of Aquarius is ideally suited to learn that and be ONE with it. It is the desire of this era to create order with the opportunity to do justice to other details in ORDER.

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