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What is a detail and how do you unfold a detail?

The question is such that I think you see a flower unfolding before you.

And yes, just as every flower is a detail, so are we humans. We are here to add color to the world as a whole with every detail. The detail of a person already arises before you are born in the wish to be allowed to live here as a person and to give something from your origin. In a sense, if you let your detail live the way it should, it no longer becomes its own. Because you have a will or wish, you can direct it yourself.

We have often done this by putting our shoulders under it, which ultimately results in a cracked flower. The bottom is not sturdy enough to support the flower. Man then literally does not come to unfold from his origin. He wants to control and direct life himself. That he wants to do that comes more deeply from the desire to bring a detail into the world, only we do not know how to do that in the unity of Life. In the waking awareness of the oneness of Life, your detail unfolds and you give of your wish.

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