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What is an Aquarius’ body going to look like?

Another question that concerns the creative capacity of humans.

What will man, mankind do with the changed impulses? Do we go along with those impulses in an orderly manner or do we fight them? Right now I would say we do both. We do not yet understand how we can get from our dualistic thinking to unify life. We both do it to ourselves, I mean. You can see that in the world. I really want to live an orderly life, but I can’t get around my disoriented body. I am fighting with that, the experience in and with my body may be Whole and ONE with the whole. It is not “yet” at the moment. I am connected to the whole of humanity, so my body expresses that disoriented whole. The fight and the order. We grow into a body that fully expresses the Order of Aquarius. I hope that with that, we will immortalize eternity as our One body. The so-called resurrected Body of Jesus.

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