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What is our goal with this website?

The purpose for this website refers to the two other websites we have.

I wanted a website that sits in between the other two. We have  www.grootbesselink.nl , this is the website for the campsite that have existed for three years in 2020. We have also incorporated the lessons here, but the emphasis is on camping. And that is going well, many people come to this beautiful place. Only those are generally not people who want to get more out of their lives. Or at all to be able to “still” believe that that is possible. And then we have a website www.ascendingall.com  that will be 11 years old in 2020. However, this is largely in English and the options for accommodation are not yet available.

The purpose of this website is therefore that people who are looking for: deepening, connection, Self knowledge, inner freedom, a goal in your life, knowledge about Life, the functioning of the world as a whole, how to live in it Age of aquarius, what to do with a non-fulfilling relationship, stay, retreat, stay overnight, rest, space, etc. etc. To find answers.

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