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What is the meaning of Life?

The meaning of Life, oops tricky question. I can answer some as I think it is intended anyway. I myself notice that the meaning of Life goes along with Age, experience and the development of my consciousness. 10 years ago I would very probably have given a completely different answer than now and in 10 years it would look different again. I don’t have an unambiguous answer and I don’t expect it to ever come. In addition, I do not believe that is the intention. Life is movement, so that its meaning is always in motion and moves with the ages.

Living as SENSE, the experience of having meaning in life, to learn from Life and to be ONE with Life, feeds me the most to Live. During my lifetime I am busy getting to know myself. As a result of which I discover that my self is more and different than I thought or experienced at the beginning of my search. I have come across many “unconscious” lessons that I have now come to discern as out of date. Much of the experience gained comes from the idea that I have taken over from (ancestors) parents, family, society and being a citizen of the world in a certain time. By always sincerely looking for the meaning of Life or for meaning in my Life, I started to experience my Self. My Self is always a reflection of the unity of the people, nature and society around me. Hidden IN there is the desire of my detail to express the whole of Life in which I participate.

The ‘unconscious’ lessons learned, such as for what belongs to what, is a pitfall for when you want to give Free of yourself. That is very difficult or even impossible with this underlying lesson. Even if you think that this does not bother you, it is deep in the human system of today. This is an (unconscious) lesson that can cause irritation and dissatisfaction to relationships and even countries. Is the meaning of Life free? Yes, but then you must know what can be released in truth. You can only release something when you realize something that can be given. I mean releasing yourself and yourself being part of the whole. When you know this and are awake in this you give of yourself and you give of your detail through which the whole of Life becomes Mooore, expresses Itself. Giving yourself in truth is quite difficult, you think you know who you are, but that says nothing about knowing who you are. Jesus gave of himself and he was crucified and so there are many more people who gave of themselves. This way you get the message that giving yourself is threatening. Giving of yourself in your family can also be threatening, causing you to interact with your family in a certain way. Also in relationships, giving free of yourself is often quite a job. If we try to do that, we can become afraid of the consequences and so on and so on.

To experience and understand the meaning of Life you need the courage to give free from Yourself. Since you only get to know Yourself in the interaction with your loved ones, society and being a citizen of the world, this requires insight and knowledge about who you are. In this answer I have focused on a Lesson that is (un) consciously designed in us. There are many other such lessons that directly affect the experience of the Meaning of Life. I hope to have highlighted one.

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