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What is the purpose of baptisms?

Oh, that’s a really good question. I will add myself: What is the destiny of baptism ….. in the Age of Aquarius?

I myself had developed a desire to be baptized in adulthood, which is also my personal preference. 17 years ago I asked Anselm Grün if he wanted to baptize me. At that time I had come into contact with his books and was drawn to take a course with him. He did not immediately say yes, but he thought I had to travel a route with him before that. Of course I thought that was only fantastic to immerse myself inside and out (through Anselm’s books). Before this I participated more often in the retreats he gave in Munsterschwarzach. Finally, before Christmas 2003, I was baptized in the presence of my fellow students, friends and family. They had all come to Munsterschwarzach, sooooo loving and grateful.

The day before I was so terribly nervous, I had terrible pain in my head and molars. I was very worried and I felt incredibly scared. Just to want to be baptized. My baptismal card/invitation has a phrase from Isaiah 43:19 that is still engraved INSIDE my life and Body. See I’m gonna start something new, See I’ve already started, Can’t you see? A question, a longing for something new and then realizing that I have already started? I wanted to feel fully what baptism means, not just words, but really experience what baptism does to me. Meanwhile, I also know that baptism is an ongoing movement of desire INSIDE me. A desire INSIDE me to be known to know me safely, to experience Love and to Give and Share (multiply) Myself.

Baptism has had a tremendous impact on my Life, but not in the way you would expect. By remaining faithful to the ongoing movement, I have just stopped looking for truth within the institute church. I felt precisely through the impact of Baptism that it was not about the church outside of me but the religion INSIDE me. I am still deeply convinced of the divine order that I and we as human beings are allowed to Live. We have to choose that ourselves. Baptism as performed in the church in the Age of Pisces is now obsolete in my opinion and experience. It is often based on fear of a punishing God and not on experiencing the oneness of Life. Baptism served as a protection so that you could remain one with God. In a sense you did not have to do anything for that, certainly not as a baby who was given a certain status through baptism that would take him/her to heaven at the moment of death. I believe that baptism has the function of remaining in unity with your creator (God) and thereby also experiencing I and the Father are ONE. Unfortunately, I don’t usually see that experience in the people who have been baptized. What I understand from a practical point of view, because in appearance again you are not allowed to be ONE with the Father, that seems to be reserved for Jesus alone for the church. Nothing could be further from the truth for me. I am ONE with the Father just like everyone else. The moment you know this and are going to Live, Baptism is a Living giving experience with a destination. A destination that is sealed and protected. In the destiny of being ONE with the Father, your desire/desire to express your detail in and as the whole becomes visible. Visible in and as the Whole creation. Thus creator and creation become ONE.

Baptism in the Age of Aquarius

It is clear that I have a deep love to unite my Life with the Source of all Life and that I have an intense desire to shape this. Continuing to move into the inner layers of my being, baptism has become the experience of an unwavering protection of the sealing of Life. My vision for baptism in Aquarius is as follows: By becoming more aware of the Man as MAN and the more awakening of Woman as WOMAN in the truth of their being and the recognition of the purpose of being Man or Woman, the Baptize is the protection that envelops conception through the Man. In this way the conception of the Woman remains safe in the Protection (sealing) of the Man and the baby can grow WHOLE and remain present in the whole of Life = BAPTISING.


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