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What is the vision of CAMELOT?

Community of Angels Masters Elohim living OTerra. I wrote this on the home page. I appreciate that you ask for further explanation. What does this vision actually mean? As a child I was always fascinated by the myth of Camelot, King Arthur, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table. And of course the sword Excalibur, only the one with a pure heart could pull the sword from a stone rock. I’ve always believed somehow that this was true and had happened long ago. Actually, I still cannot believe that this story is not the truth. It can always become or even be the truth. This is the reason why I have joined Camelot with the (Arch) Angels, Teachers / Masters and Elohim living in association with humans on our Earth.

I believe that every detail of Camelot originates in everyday life. Striving for a pure heart, living with Magicians striving for Eternal Life, with Light that we receive from the Elohim to shape our lives. And then the Masters, the teachers who teach us how to create Eternal Life on and with our Earth. The Sword in which our wish is present to Do Justice for everyone’s Life. Order so that we as a whole bring about a Peaceful life. As humans we can live consciously and awake together with Angels, Elohim and Masters. This may seem far-fetched now, but as we grow in unity and wholeness, we will soon experience this as a matter of course. When we live together as a whole, we will do justice to (our) nature and propagate Order. Nature shows the clarity of ordered united life. Thus we form the destiny of humanity on Earth.

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