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What is your vision on the conjunction 12/21/2020?

Dear Mhura On the internet a lot is written about the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on 12/21/2020. How do you vision this phenomenon and what can we as people learn from it?

As with all details in life, Saturn and Jupiter also have their detail. What we can learn is how to reconcile details. Now that they are aligned with the earth, their detail and with it their light, together and multiplied, can be felt. For us, that means a combined impulse of two large planets that move in the same solar system just like us. We are all focused on the same sun. Our sun gives the light for us, for Jupiter and Saturn in alignment that day. That is a gift to each other, a connection to become aware of the whole of Life. Even though we don’t realize it, every detail affects another detail. That is the case among people, animals, plants, and therefore also for planets. By realizing what these planets have to give specifically, we can open up receptively and ensure that we start working together and Living with these planets. This of course applies to all planets, but now especially with these two. We desperately need their qualities to further develop ourselves as humanity in the field of creating happiness, togetherness and new developments. This conjunction is an opportunity to make a growth spurt towards building a new life that moves with the eternal movement of the universe. What makes it special for now is the date, the same as the winter solstice and the upcoming Christmas. They are both devoted to Aquarius. A moment of deep connection with a sublime ordered creation. As humans, let’s guide this in the same orderly paths. A perfect creation will follow.

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