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Why are people looking/longing for healing?

Because deep in their hearts they know healing.

My question is what do you mean by healing? I assume that you have a certain idea or feeling. That feeling resides in your cells, there is a cell memory and to be specific that is the ion in which the wholeness of life can be addressed. If you do not address these ions from within, it cannot fulfill its purpose. Its goal is to live Whole. People are indeed very much looking for healing, only they look for it I would say by definition outside of themselves, while our healing capacity is still very close to us. Just look at how a wound heals. It is not so strange for the unconscious/ignorant person that there are all kinds of unbalanced problems with inner healing. Because we all seek collective healing outside of ourselves, our inner healing principle is hardly or not at all addressed as a full-fledged action. Because we have gone out with everything in our search for truth, healing, partner and so on, you cannot simply turn this back and you will have to go to the doctor or to the hospital to help you heal. The more we collectively wake up and start living according to inner values, we can assume that our body will resonate with them. This means that it ultimately does not need healing anymore because the Life INSIDE itself is WHOLE. When we think about healing, we often don’t go beyond our own health and the health of our loved ones. But healing is actually the whole of Life, including the elements, our planet, the stars, the moon and the sun and beyond. The more we know how we live Life as a whole, how our lives directly affect our neighbors and nature, the more we REALLY realize that in every breath, the more we love Life and all that lives. In this sense, healing is living your life in truth, the truth of the whole of Life. To live a healing life you need not only truth but also a pure vision and order. A clear vision helps you gain clarity about your purpose for Life. As you develop a pure vision, you will begin to live in order because this is part of an ordered creation as a whole. The geometry of the universe. In this you Live to the value and truth of your detail. Your specific wish with which you are consciously part of Life as a whole.

This again means DO NO HARM. You already hurt yourself by rejecting yourself or making yourself more or less. Forcing your natural process of healed matter / body hurts. You are often no longer aware of this because it has become a habit that you can experience or think you experience as love. For example, ignoring yourself for others, you hurt yourself and eventually someone else too. I don’t mean by this that you only have to think about yourself, because that just doesn’t work. Yourself develops in the interaction with other people, in that sense it is the intention that you constantly become more of yourself while you do not get stuck in an idea about yourself. You may be of service to someone else if you yourself become more of it (inwardly). If you are longing to be liked or afraid of not being seen, it is not truth and it does not give order to your life. While it is true that you can be seen and liked. Only you can realize that from within and you do not have to force yourself to receive appreciation from the outside.

In short, Healing is a completely natural desire of man, only the way in which we try to get healing is not consistent with the order of creation. For that you need lessons and you have to take care of your inner desire/development. As humanity we are going through a transformation phase, the more we understand and understand about it, the easier it is for yourself and for Life as a whole. We must learn to direct Life as a whole so that Life can shape itself to the wishes of everyone and thus the Creator. Thus you get creator and creation as ONE.

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