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Why Elijah’s Seat?

Elijah’s Seat is an organization that publishes inspired books written under the inspiring leadership of Elijah.


In Jewish tradition, people keep a seat free for the coming of the Messiah. The Messiah is expected in the person of Elijah, also seen as John the Baptist. In spiritual circles, the ascended master John the Baptist is seen as the Aquarian Deity. The lives of Elijah and Jesus are united in successive ages.

What is their desire for man and mankind?

They have both given an impressive impetus to man and his future. This did not stop after their departure. Understanding their Lessons, the Faith, the Unification with the Father and Nature (4 elements) has brought us to where we are now as human beings and humanity. Their preparations for the Age of Aquarius gives us a HOPEful future. In which Jesus and Elijah live on in materializing the present age.

The human of today!

This moment is our starting point to continue. And there are new lessons for this. Lessons that were previously not possible to give or receive.  

The books you will find on this website are books inspired by and for the movement of the past, present and future. The awareness process of the human being with the associated religions and observations is IN development. The whole universe is in it. For us as humans it is important to understand our own part and our choices in creation. We ourselves are creators and thus creation. The age of now, the age of Aquarius is the time of hope. The time in which we can and may fulfill the long-awaited promise. That promise lives in your heart, what we learn is how ordered matter materializes eternal love.


Transition and renewal

From Jesus and Mary to Elijah and Hope = from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

Basic principle of today: me to us

Jesus has ushered in the Age of Pisces with I and the Father being ONE. This allowed us to come to know oneness with the Father in the Age of Pisces. We have come to believe that this is only for some chosen ones, but nothing could be further from the truth. Me and You and you we are all ONE with the Father. That unity is emerging in matter through the pure vision of Mary. Where Mary held her vision from matter and holds it for the vision of living eternal matter, Jesus could fulfill his promise. His promise to the creator and his promise to humanity.

The unity with the Father also implies that we are one with all of creation, including our solar system and beyond. We move with the times and therefore with the ages. After more than 2000 years, the era has changed, that means different impulses from the sun. The sunlight literally imparts other qualities to our experiences on our planet

We grow slowly but surely with the changes in our solar system, so we also remain ONE with the Father.

Because there is movement in the solar system, there is also movement in us. The Age of Aquarius has announced itself and this age has as imitation of I and the Father being ONE: All is ONE and one is ALL. This means that we are now moving on to bring unity to the whole of Life. It is important that we understand that nature and the elements also take their place in the whole.

We as humans are more or less forced:

  • To see and experience the consequences of our choices.
  • To unite with our nature.
  • Therewith to honor and obey the elements inside and outside us.
  • Realize that everywhere we are equal to the whole of Life.
  • To live awake and conscious, TOGETHER as a whole.

With this we create all is ONE and one is ALL as the ordered eternal movement of our Life on EARTH in the Age of Aquarius. It is precisely here that everyone’s detail /desire for growth and development comes into play.

We do this with all of humanity. Under the inspiring Guidance of Elijah and Hope. Through their Vision and preparation for this time, we can transform matter and perfect our destiny as humanity and planet.

The books you can find on this site all aim to bring the past, present and future into Oneness. In this way we can create a whole new future as a unit.

For this we need:

  • New Lessons
  • Inner and outer Order
  • A teacher /teacher
  • Patience and wisdom
  • Movement with the whole of Life
  • Awareness development
  • Willingness to wake up
  • Direction and reflection
  • Eternal movement
  • The Sun, Moon, fire, water, air and soil
  • A transformation
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