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On this page you will find answers to the questions about the Age of Aquarius, Aquarian Lighthouse and the overnight stays at our Domain.

Why Elijah’s Seat?

Elijah’s Seat is an organization that publishes inspired books written under the inspiring leadership of…
  • Age of Aquarius

What is the vision of CAMELOT?

Community of Angels Masters Elohim living On Terra. I wrote this on the home page. I appreciate that you ask for…
  • Aquarian Lighthouse

What is Harmony?

Helena asks what is harmony? I would say that harmony is the working of the…
  • Elements

What is a retreat?

Answer Wikipedia A retreat is a seclusion for spiritual self-exploration and spiritual practice. A suitable…
  • Overnight stays

Why the Maltese cross?

The Age of Aquarius is characterized in bringing Order, Order, Order and Order. The geometric…
  • Aquarian Lighthouse

Why are there eras?

To ensure movement for an expanding universe. Each era has specific impulses with which being…
  • Age of Aquarius

What is an era?

There are different kinds of eras one of which is related to a specific period…
  • Age of Aquarius

Why Aquarian Lighthouse?

Where does the name Aquarian Lighthouse come from? Everyone knows somewhere the longing for a…
  • Aquarian Lighthouse

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