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I read elements and elementals in recurring themes. I’ve heard of elements, but what are elementals?

Some people think of elementals as gnomes (earth), water nymph (water), salamanders (fire) and sylphs (air). They are the creators of the elements. By seeing or feeling the deeper layers of the elements, you can realize that an element itself has no form. Because it comes into contact with the other elements, something starts to form. This allows us to experience and perceive Earth, Water, Air and Fire. We do not yet know how that formation takes place, but it does happen and that is what the elementals are for. In particular, the formation in and as our body and the body of our planet needs the elementals. We ourselves have to take care of our shaping body and then our body shapes itself to our liking. The body shapes our lifestyle, so your lifestyle can be read from a body. Tensions, sadness and all other emotions that are not known and processed in our body make up our body. This shaping is done with elements and elementals. The most important thing here is your own detail, and how free that detail is. Because our body, so to speak, has fallen into free fall (with the body of the earth), the elementals have not yet been traced by science, it has literally disappeared from our perception. By gaining more clarity IN ourselves and the interaction of the elements and elementals in and outside our body, we can form an Aquarius body. Restoring and enlightening the unity with our nature and the overall nature is something we do together with the elements and elementals.

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