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Is what I do related to a religion?

Depends on how you interpret religion. The meaning in the encyclopedia is: Religion, a system of stories, rituals and codes of conduct, usually existing for centuries, based on a belief in a God, or Gods.

The knowledge I have comes first of all from a deep desire to know Myself. Because I get to know myself and that is always a continuous movement IN me, I get to know myself. KNOW YOURSELF is an age-old truth that has not been defined as religion, but certainly contains one of the deepest wisdom on Earth. The more I understand the laws of Life (knowing myself) the more I can relate to the religions based on Oneness of Life. The reflection on the Domain revolves around learning to love Life by being the Life yourself. I believe that if this happens on the order of Aquarius, man IS God. The design of this is related to someone’s detail / wish.

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