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My search for life started out of fear. How do I get rid of it?

How do you know that? Although it sounds very logical. The more I work with people and the deeper we go; we always end up with a lot of fear. As I experience it now, we do indeed start to “look outside” right at birth where we can give our love. Our love will immediately go to what we perceive from outside and to the associated expectations that match the love that you experience within yourself.

If your father and mother cannot receive your love because they themselves are afraid, do not feel good enough, and so on, you will not find love as a reflection. No recurring love, so that you are nourished by the love you have to give yourself.

The consequences are actually disastrous. We start to think that our parents do not love us if we don’t try hard enough, and so on. So, we are going to do our absolute best to be seen and heard. Which will not give the fulfilment we long for when we come into the world and for the rest of our Lives.

I am not hereby saying that we do not love each other. I am just saying that the effect of Love is not optimally utilized in our current consciousness. There is so much in it that, if you understand this, you will also understand the consequences of this principle. The fear you are experiencing now is a direct result of the disrupted interactive start of your Life. There is love, only our consciousness is “less” than Love itself. You can and may grow in this.

You get rid of it by getting into motion with Life as a whole, in order to express your Wish from within. Like a flower unfolding. Forcing anything, whatever, is pointless. Life cannot be enforced or forced. Life takes its place if you allow it to unfold IN you. This arises by being pure, innocent and true-like. To be an ordinary person and know that you are human; I experience that as the greatest power and the healing effect for the whole of Life. This takes time and you desire, again and again, to Live Truly. This is a growth process, a development.

There is so much to say about this that I now leave it to your own insight, awareness, and development.

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