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We are left with unresolved grief and pain of life. What is processing?

Are we left with unresolved grief and pain of Life? Is that right? In any case, you experience that.

Pain arises where there is no movement, whether physical or mental. In other words, if you were in full motion, you would not know or experience pain or sadness. Processing is in that sense moving the Life INSIDE you on all layers of your existence so that Life can make its original power/purpose visible. You do this by means of your will. What is important here is that your will is FREE. The way we now think what free will is, it generally isn’t. The moment you can use your will in freedom, you will receive the strength/nutrition you need from within to process the experiences you have gained. They then become ‘freer’ so that you can give direction to them. This control is possible through the harmony of wakefulness and consciousness. Using forced will to free you will partially work temporarily, but eventually your whole matter/body will need to know freedom in order to release the trapped energy of sadness and pain. So I translate processing more into liberation and liberation goes through the core of your existence. Getting to know your own original wish/plan that is united with the whole of Life.

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