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What is being human in Aquarius?

What we make of it ourselves.

Aquarius is the era in which the given impulses through our sunlight may be filled in according to our own responsiveness/responsibility. The ability to express your Life from within. It does include some basic principles. The most important of these is ‘Do no Harm’. This is very difficult at this time, especially because we do not realize or know at all when we are hurting someone or something (nature). What we learn as not hurting is just a tiny bit of the pain we already have in the meantime. Not hurting is often compulsively imposed, so that you are already in pain. The fact that it happens compulsively shows the inability of man to Live and be free in order (inwardly). Hurting is relative. What one person experiences as pain is not the case for the other and I am talking about hurting or being hurt spiritually. If your starting point is not to harm/hurt, you have to start with yourself, your own body and your own nature. When you yourself are awake in how separate thoughts IN yourself hurt your body, you begin to learn to unite your thoughts with the entirety of Life, natural Life. By being one with yourself you are one with the whole and being human in Aquarius is one is ALL and All is ONE.

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